Due to the current and ongoing Covid restrictions, there will be no Rayanshel kittens for the foreseeable future.

I have only ever bred just a few kittens each year and my sole reason for breeding has always been to hopefully produce strong, healthy kittens that meet the breed standard, so that i can show them and enjoy my chosen hobby. Obviously, those that i do not keep are offered to other people at a reasonable and realistic cost.

But, my kittens are not bred for profit and it is important to me that i meet and get to know any new, potential Rayanshel Kitten owners before my kittens leave here. It is also essential that those people spend time with my kittens before making a choice and are happy with not only the kitten they may have chosen, but also the condition of my cats, the way in which i care for my cats and the home in which i raise them.

Sadly, our current pandemic makes this impossible and therefore i have made the decision not to breed for the foreseeable future, but please continue to keep checking in on my Rayanshel page for updated news and photos of past kittens and adults.

In the mean time, I will continue to enjoy my cats here at Rayanshel as part of my family.

RAYANSHEL kittens are registered on the non-active register and under GCCF rules no progeny from them can be registered.

Very occasionally I will let a kitten go on the active register but only if I know you and am happy that you have enough knowledge and experience to breed with intention to enhance the qualities of this beautiful breed.